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What we offer at My Play Boutique is an all inclusive travel play kit for busy on-the-go parents, one that will provide your ready to play and learn children, with an exciting, engaging and entertaining tool to keep them busy while out on your adventures.

My Play Boutique Play kits.

Inside each play kit is a unique selection of education based play experiences connected to a chosen theme. Each child has their own interests and these interests support them and motivate them to learn, which is why we chose a selection of themes 'of interest' to everyday 3-7 year old.

Each box includes:

  •  A Blackboard backed box with chalk handmade with love at MPB.
  •  A felt storyboard, based on the theme of the box, with fully removable pieces for play inside or outside of the box.
  •  A recycled craft book with handmade with love crayons, perfect for little fingers to grasp and create with.
  • A children's play camera, for recreating the themes by capturing their favourite characters.
  • A 'Make me up' face mask, including pasting materials for craft time and imaginary play fun!
  • Some Play kits also include bonus books and other super fun experiences for learning!

How 'My Play Boutique' travel kits support the development of children. 

Replace screen time with imagination time

We know technology is addictive, it's been proven, so how do we find an alternative?

Answer: Find something more engaging (plus with educational benefits)  and don't look back!

Play wins!

There is no better feeling than when you can give yourself an internal (or external) parenting 'High five'. The down side is, we don't often feel like we deserve high fives, in these busy, time pressed, in desperate need of a clone, times.

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