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Who are we and why 'My Play Boutique'?

At My Play Boutique we stem from Education, teaching the children of others, to then our own. One thing that has not changed in that time, is children's love for play; using their imagination, getting creative, acting out a touch of drama and being encouraged to explore their real and imaginative worlds.

Sitting down at a cafe one day, we looked at each other and joked, "You know what would be amazing? Something that you could take everywhere with you, that entertained the kids- that is not an iPad and doesn't mean carrying around a giant bag of 'stuff'!" We then stopped laughing and said, "why don't we do it then?"- and we did, so here we are!

What makes our product awesome!

Our play travel cases have been sourced in Australia and utilise sustainable products due to the ethos of the company creating them for us. Working out of a gorgeous woodshed in the Byron Bay Hinterlands we love that they only source local sustainable products to use to make our kits.

Our products are handmade and are each unique. They have small differences (just like us) individual to that one kit for that one special child.

We are always thinking of new themes and directions for MPB and we are completely open to your ideas and feedback for further themes, so if you are dying for a specific child obsession, please throw us a line!

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