More about My Play Boutique

Benefits of the My Play Boutique Play Kits:

Motor skills

Using our handmade crayons and chalk on their beautiful chalkboard or recycled notebook, your child will begin to develop their fine motor skills. Encouraging the formation of letters and words.

Social Skills

My Play Boutique kits encourages social interactions where there might be none had the kids had been playing with a device.  Children will engage and play with each other and enjoy developing their communication skills and problem solving skills. 

Self Esteem

The My Play Boutique kit  has lots of small tasks for your child to accomplish allowing them to develop their confidence and self esteem.  Through completing  the tasks the child will also develop the ability to focus and increase their attention span.


Sensory Play

Sensory play supports your child's development as it encourages cognitive growth, problem solving, language and the builds the neural pathways in the brain encouraging children to tackle more complex tasks.


Imagination develops social skills, emotional development, turn taking and problem solving.  Children will develop their language skills, body language and sense of identity.


Teaching children the importance of the environment and sustainability from an early age will encourage them to aware of what we can do to encourage better choices with products

we use.

Did you know?

Our play travel cases have been sourced in Australia and utilise sustainable products due to the ethos of the company creating them for us. Working out of a gorgeous woodshed in the Byron Bay Hinterlands we love that they only source local sustainable products to use to make our kits.

Our products are handmade and are each unique. They have small differences (just like us) individual to that one kit for that one special child.